From zero gravity to the meeting

I’m in a room with my mum, and I’m opening presents people have left me for some unknown reason. Most of the presents are in one big see-through plastic bag without wrapping paper. The presents are mainly sweets. One off the sweets was a shaped like a long thick piece of spaghetti with a big ball attached to the ends with spikes coming out of it, I see a pair of trousers and a coat hanger in the bag which are not meant for me but have been left in the bag by accident. I laugh and make some stupid joke about how the person who bought the gifts must have been shopping and left some of their stuff in with the presents. I walk into my bedroom which has a slightly different shape to my bedroom in waking life. It occurs to me the absurdity of the situation and realise I’m dreaming! Yeeeeeeeaa!!

I immediately felt extremely confident in myself and trust my own judgment about realising it is a dream therefore I do not perform a reality test. (Up to now I have always perform reality test’s when becoming lucid as I usually still have some uncertainties about if I’m actually dreaming.) I immediately jump through my bedroom window and flew into my garden. The colours instantly changed to an extreme vividness like someone wacked up the contrast to full. I remember trying to fly downwards towards the ground but I kept gaining altitude. This happened to me in a previous lucid dream and I awoke as I lost control/focus. So I focused all my attention on this one pink flower I could see on the ground as I did I flew towards it gaining more and more speed, I then ran on the ground as a sort of landing.

I then remembered I wanted to experience zero gravity. I achieved this simply by shouting Zero gravity, I felt so confident in myself there was no doubt in my abilities. I checked around the garden to see it wasn’t just me floating. Garden furniture and pot plants were floating too. I was like this is the tits! I managed to switch this gravity state on and off a couple of times by simply shouting zero gravity. I’ve never felt this much in control in a lucid dream it felt great!
I decided to fly into the clouds. As I intended this to happen the clouds gathered together and started to come towards me. At this point I felt slightly nervous, due to the huge size of the clouds and the motion at which they were rapidly rushing towards me. The clouds rushed down the roof of my house and I began to fly towards them. At this point I woke up, only to later find out it was a false awakening.

I was in a room desperate to write down my dream in my journal. I was so focused on this I did not recognise how different the room was to my bedroom. Also the room was filled with people (dream characters). I felt these dream characters were my friends or people I somehow knew but not in waking life. I asked a dream character for today’s date. This dream character asked why I wanted the date, I explained I was writing my dream down in my journal and wanted the date to be at the top. At this point word had spread to everyone round the room about what I was doing and laughter spread around the room, almost like they were making fun out of me. Then someone entered the room that had higher status than everyone else. He asked a question to everyone in the room. About half the dream characters raised their arm, I also did so. The dream character next to me who I previously asked for the date asked why I have raised my arm. I replied I don’t know, I didn’t hear the question. The dream character smiled at me with a hint of laughter. I then awoke!

I feel maybe I misinterpreted a new dream scene for a false awakening, maybe somewhere in-between? I’m not entirely sure. However whatever you want to call it I feel the ‘false awaking’ was an extremely significant moment.

Robert Wagoner talks about meetings with a number dream characters to discuss the progress of the lucid dreamer. I feel this was one of those meetings as when I initially became lucid; I noticed a greater sense of confidence in myself and abilities, and had managed to direct my focus to help me achieve what I wanted. Therefore this meeting was probably to discuss my progress in myself. This makes it extremely obvious why the dream characters laughed at me when trying to write out my dream journal as they held a meeting to discuss my progress, “I think” and I was oblivious to the fact I was dreaming, truly showing my naivety of the dreaming world.

However I feel the experience has made me feel more aware, and that I’m on the right path. My confidence in myself has shot up and dream characters are starting to take interest in me!

I’m so juiced up!

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