Dirty scum phone! – Dream Journal

The night of 18/04/2012

So I kind of remember my lucid dream last night, thought I would note it down for all to enjoy!

I remember waking up in a daze, as you do after having slept for half the night. I decided to take Smiths advice and literally stay completely still and hope to “fall” into another dream, this time being conscious throughout. As I lay there, i started to feel the familiar sensation of falling through my bed and floating down. Finally I think I have mastered being able to stay completely relaxed whilst experiencing a WILD and I managed to float effortlessly into a dream scene.

I awoke in a small room with bright red and yellow patterned carpet. Although there was nothing intimidating about this room, it almost felt like Hell’s waiting room. Having fallen into this dream scene, I was instantly lucid and started caressing the carpet to stabilize the dream, however this was not needed as it was extremely vivid from the get go!

I stood up after rubbing the carpet down, to find a sofa in the centre of the room, with a work bench in the far right hand side of the room. I walked over to find a phone just laying on the desk. I proceeded to pick the phone up and have a look, into which I realised that my Cock was just hanging out of my trousers. Being even more strange, the phone I had clasped within my grip was suddenly covered in a scummy gunk. I scooped it off and flung it at the ground, attempting to proceed with the dream.

I woke up!

I know I became lucid multiple times last night, but that is the only recollection I have…

Thanks for reading,

Love and Juice,


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