The Myth of the Wild!

So we have all heard about the romantic technique to induce lucid dreams, otherwise known as a WILD. The internet is filled with information about how to achieve this lucid feat, however no one has actually explained what a pile of shit it really is! My aim, by the end of this article is to give you a better idea of what the WILD is and also to dispel some of the ideas people love to hyperbolize.

For over a year and a half, I have been delving into the world of lucid dreaming with moderate success. Going from an excitable beginning, into a more mature viewpoint on the subject, I have lost nearly all the initial novelty that I once had to motivate me to lucid dream. One of the more frustrating parts of lucid dreaming I found, was indeed the WILD technique. The WILD stands for “Wake Induced Lucid Dream” if you didn’t already know, and is the idea that one can simply lie down, have a strange transitional period and then walk into a dream scene. In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth, and I feel it actually totally de-motivates hordes of lucid dreaming hopefuls from reaching their full potential. The reason for this seems far more complex than it actually is, because of the nature of the WILD and how attractive it is to new lucid dreamers.

The technique doesn’t lend itself very well to Oneironauts in general, as it involves pretty much laying as still as possible until reaching your body’s natural progression into sleep. This is boring…but due to the vast amounts of videos on the net, people seem to only be interested in this side of lucid dreaming. I can see why too! You put no real effort in, and suddenly gain some of the greatest experiences in your life! Almost sounds too good to be true right? Exactly.

The WILD is a VERY difficult thing to achieve when aiming to achieve it. If this sounds confusing I shall try to break it down for you. When I first started lucid dreaming I was fascinated with the technique, I would research all evening and try all the different methods to finally have a WILD. Nothing worked. Ever. Now you could say I was just a poor lucid dreamer and I wasn’t fulfilling the technique correctly, but then, a few weeks down the line when I had completely given up hope of ever having a WILD, it happened…and it was fucking AMAZING!

Now why was it that when I stopped trying so hard to WILD I finally managed to have one? After the hours of research and wasted WBTB’s I managed to have one of lucid dreaming’s most coveted experiences. I thought pretty hard about this, and finally came up with this theory. WILDS are a load of dogshit! Yes, it was awesome and yes, I yearned to to experience more but to actually lie down and attempt a WILD was a huge waste of my time.

I found that eventually you will just catch yourself falling asleep one day and literally drop into a dream. As it is a natural thing to fall asleep every night, attempting to do just that was actually the worst thing you could do to increase your chances of a WILD. It’s like cycling to work everyday and not thinking about it once, then someone tells you that your technique is wrong and suddenly cycling doesn’t come as naturally any more. You draw more focus to it and put more pressure on yourself, causing more stress on that morning cycle, even though you were fine doing it before. This is the same with the WILD “technique”. You fall asleep perfectly fine every single night of your life, but now that you are totally focusing on it, you end up completely mucking it up! Its almost an anti-technique, because it stops you from even falling asleep, and we all know you cannot dream when not asleep!

It’s not all bad of course, trying to WILD can prepare you for that time you do finally catch yourself drifting off, and allow you to stay calm in the heat of the moment. But the biggest tip I can give to any aspiring WILD chaser, is to stop WILD’ing all together! It would help you far greater in the long run!

Much Love and Juice,


3 thoughts on “The Myth of the Wild!

  1. ALSOsinceborn

    I would like to disagree as politely as possible to the conclusion you’re drawing here. WILD is as valuable technique as any, just not to everyone. It’s not always a matter of how good you are at it, Lucid Dreaming is a skill that everybody approaches in a unique way. I personally have had success with WILD in the past, though it’s not what I practice regularly, and I find it worth sleeping a bit less every once in a while in exchange for immediate awareness. If it doesn’t work well for you then that’s cool too, but don’t assume everybody else will have the same experience.

  2. Meech_Starkiller

    I feel like your the one in five dentist that recommend the tooth paste of WILD dreaming. So respectfully I have to disagree, the fact that there is so much on the subject of WILDs speaks to the facts of its existence whatever that might be. I can’t say as to if its real or not because I haven’t experienced it. Now I’m new to Lucid Dreaming and have had varied success in that but I’ve also have regularly tried, with little result, to WILD. I find it has more of a MILD effect with my efforts because I think it has to do with my personality and tension and other things but I have experienced sleep paralysis and that gives me confidence in the possibility of me experiencing an authentic WILD. I approach WILDs the same way I approach Lucid Dreaming in general if it was easy everyone would do it so with a greater degree of difficulty there must be a greater payoff at least that’s the hope ha ha ha. All in all I feel that very few people ever can ever be professional at a sport and if that’s true for physical limitations then the same can be true of mental limitations especially if it has to do with concentration and consciously altering your own state of consciousness. So If you ever want to be a “Pro-Dreamer” you have to be open to the possibility of and experience a WILD in some form or another.

    1. Joe Post author

      Sorry for the late reply Meech! I wasn’t trying to say that the WILD does not exist, I was just trying to clear up a few “myths” about the technique. After speaking to a ton of lucid dreamers they all stated that they all accidentally fell into a WILD unintentionally and that whenever they tried to lie down and force one it never worked. I feel the reason there is so much information around is because it seems to be the most attractive part of lucid dreaming for new oneironauts. The problem is, most of the time it will cause people to get frustrated and put people off. I just wanted to be a small voice of reason to the huge amount of hyperbolism that revolves around the WILD subject.

      Love and Juice,


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