Get Lucid! – Episode 04

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Wow! Our first month anniversary, to celebrate such a special moment in our short history we have some super special guests on the show this week! Danny Torgersen and Sean Oliver from the massively entertaining Lucidity web saga join us for an insightful, yet outrageous chat about all things lucid!

Outro music for this weeks episode is by Danny’s band, Captain Squeegee and is the theme song to the Lucidity show! You can check their band site out by clicking here

Thanks to everyone for listening to the podcast in the last month, it really means a lot to us and we hope you keep enjoying the show in the future. Sorry for no Get Lucid 101 or questions this week, but we shall be continuing with our regular sections from next week.

Please email us at if you have any questions or comments. You can also add us on facebook by searching Get Lucid, or you can find the lucidity guys by searching for “Lucidity Web Saga”

Thanks again everyone and sweet lucid dreams!

P.s nearly forgot… Thanks Cody Hunt for appearing on the show as well, part of the Lucidity team!

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