Get Lucid! – Episode 18

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Sorry guys, i forgot to record the start of this one haha…so I have had to take the audio off of our live video, however the quality is a little lower than usual. It kicks back in about 15 mins in as that was when i remembered to record haha! Anyway, hope it isnt too annoying for anyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY HOWLETT!!!!!!

Video episode HERE!

Perchance to Dream Please check this one out!!!
Third Productions + Lucidity

Pork a Vaj!

Joe – Get Lucid!

2 thoughts on “Get Lucid! – Episode 18

  1. Ian Thigs

    Just started listening to you guys recently (season 2). I'm from California and just wanted you to know I really enjoy the show. I'm gonna go back and listen from the start (season 1)! I've had quite a few lucid dreams but am now starting to study it more and your storys are wonderfull to listen to. Thanks guys and I look forward to more!

    S. Lake Tahoe, CA

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