The Vistas of Infinity a Talk by Jurgen Ziewe

BANG! I got an invitation via Facebook to hear a talk on out of body experiences and the afterlife. The man giving the talk was none other than Jurgen Ziewe himself, author of “Multidimensional Man”! As it was held very close to where I work I could not pass up on this unmissable talk. As soon as the clock hit 6.30pm Greenwich mean time I leapt out of work, across the street and grabbed a red bull. Downed it. The juices were in full flow…..

Armed with a brand new bic biro and notepad I secured myself a seat in the front row of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church waiting in anticipation. Now I have only seen Jurgen Ziewe’s name pop up from time to time due to my interest in Lucid dreaming. I have never read his books and didn’t know anything about his background, however, I decided to skip all that and jump in the deep end to hear what he had to say.

“People should realise we can all have the same experiences. We’re all made out of the same atoms”

Jurgen Ziewe has spent the last 40 year investigating Out of Body Experiences (OBE’s). Initially like all of us he had no idea of what these experiences were and what to make of them. From very early on Jurgen practiced meditation as he wanted to find out who he was and the nature of reality. From his continuous practice and dedication to meditation Jurgen started to have OBE’S on a regular basis. He explains that, “people should realise we can all have the same experiences. We’re all made out of the same atoms”. Having OBE’s are a perfectly natural thing and we all have the ability within us to experience them, it just takes a little time and dedication. The main thing I got from this entire talk was the importance of meditation but I will go into this further later on.

I think it’s important to say initially Jurgen was very sceptical that OBE’s even existed and classed them as extremely vivid dreams. However, through a combination of talking to other people who had had similar experiences (Travellers), and his own, Jurgen discovered much more than he had bargained for.

One of Jurgen’s most intense experiences includes being bathed in a bright white light with a feeling of intense ecstasy. At this point he had a feeling of coming home; a common feeling found with near death experiences. It is believed that in this state you have reached one of the highest realms/super dimensions in the afterlife where the ego ceases to exist. You are stripped of all personal and social identities and experience. It’s almost a second death. This experience is impossible to describe. More on super dimensions later!

“If you want to find out who we really are, all we have to do is pay attention to our dreams”

Jurgen puts a lot of importance on dreaming. “If you want to find out who we really are, all we have to do is pay attention to our dreams, because in dreams are the gateway to greater reality which we cannot enter into”. One of the ways to enter the alternative reality is by going to sleep at night. The lucid dream state is an entry point into an OBE. Once you have reached this state you can visit multiple realities which are linked to our state of consciousness. To make things clear Jurgen lays out the following differences between a Lucid dream and an OBE:

  • Within a lucid dream we are viewing subconscious content but are aware that we are dreaming. This usually follows a narrative or some sort of story. Instead of seeing the reality we are dreaming in, we are actually superimposing content from our subconscious onto the reality.
  • With OBE’s the reality is made up of the experience of people who are dead who actually live in these environments. They take place in the here and now except in a different environment. As soon as you have transitioned from a lucid dream into an out of body experience the dream content breaks away and disintegrates as we become fully aware.

Before Jurgen goes any further he makes the statement, “I would like to dissociate myself with anything that is occult or mysterious.” Jurgen continues by introducing the afterlife and it’s design based on several levels/realms/super dimensions. These are the every day state, dream state, nightmare states, dream symbolism, astral realms, new worlds, higher extension’s of consciousness and last but not least the refined spiritual realm and pure thoughts. This aint’ ya’ standard run of the mill chit chat!

As 99% of my experiences are lucid dreams I was rather lost in the mix of these realms so I will do my best to describe them as Jurgen did, although I fear it may be a Chinese whisper situation. Jurgen is an extremely talented artist and displays his paintings throughout the talk to help get across the feelings and emotions created on the different the levels.

1. Lower levels

1.1. First Non-Physical Plane
This is inhabited by two types of people. Those who have just died and haven’t gone any further in reaching other levels and dreamers baby!

For the people that have died there is so much unawareness about our reality that these people don’t have a clue what’s happened to them. In fact most of these people don’t even realise that they are dead! Unaware that this world is an exact copy of the one we are currently experiencing, which creates a lot of confusion. So basically how the fuck are you meant to know if you’re dead if the first thing you experience is exactly the same? Are we in this state now? Jurgen also mentions that some people start to believe that what they experienced before their physical death was a dream and they have now woken up in the real world.

For the dreamers this is what happens. When we experience our dreams we are actually walking around on this level unaware of this world. Jurgen describes seeing dreamers as a little bit dozy saying, “you can spot them a mile away.” If we can break through our own dream world we can start to experience this realm fully aware. I asked Jurgen on how you can go from the lucid dream state into an OBE? He simply said you need to focus on one object. Don’t let the dream distract you look at your hands or concentrate on an object and let the dream environment breakaway.

1.2. Afterlife
On this level people are dealing with personality issues. They draw attention to themselves and because they are self centred this realm is quite dark and bleak almost like a shanty town. This level is still very close to the physical level but is a reflection of the mental state. Many people find they cannot get physically out of this realm because it’s the state of mind they are in. To reach the higher levels they need to change their state of mind. There are even lower levels than this which are for people who have absolutely no respect for anyone but themselves and exploit people for their own personal gain.

Jurgen describes an environment he saw created on this level saying there was absolutely no vegetation and very little light. At this point Jurgen says, “you may ask what am I doing in a place like this.” Jurgen made several friends during his OBE’s that acted as guides and would take him on excursions showing him the different levels and answered his questions.
One of the questions Jurgen raised was during the London 7/7 Bombings. Jurgen had an OBE and wanted to know what happened to people that committed acts of monstrosities such as these. The way Jurgen explains it is that there is no justice in the world. There is none. There is no judge, just nature working its energies. If a criminal commits an act not only is the victim affected but also the family, which in turn, spreads into the community. This creates consequential entanglement which sets off a negative energy reaction. This negative energy has nowhere else to go so it eventually finds itself back at its original source; the criminal themselves.

There is no more judgment on this level only the feedback mechanism of nature/ consciousness. As a result we experience the effect of our actions and the effect on others as if it is happening upon one’s self. In this level you relive all your little misdeeds and positive acts and also its affect on others. Such a small action can create an incredibly positive or negative effect.

So basically, be good, otherwise your gonna have to deal with a whole lot of shit when you get to this level and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Many people who have had a near death experience encounter this. Karma init.

“So basically you could end up in your hometown on this level seeing a bloke with a cock for a nose”.

Jurgen goes on to say, “most of us will probably never see these areas that I’ve just mentioned”. He continues to explain that they are only reserved for people who have committed extremely terrible acts. However, most of us who are not aware of our “full spiritual heritage”, will find themselves in a carbon copy of this world but for the dead. People are surprised that nothing has changed except for the pace of life has slowed down tremendously due to there being no time constraints. As a result people interact a lot more. The energy levels are still very low as they are dealing with personal issues. This again has an effect on the environment, creating a rather dull and grey scene. It’s not all plain sailing as anomalies do occur in this world which materialise out of people’s fears, anxieties and mischief, similar to our dreams, therefore you can come across some very strange looking people.

So basically, in lamen terms, you could end up in your hometown on this level seeing a bloke with a cock for a nose as a manifestation of your personal fear of having a cock shaped nose. From what I’ve gathered if you see this then -

A: You’re dead, so the best thing to do is let go of ya personal issues and allow yourself to gain a higher state of consciousness and move on to the next level.

B: You’re tripping off your tits and better get a cab home or…

C: You’re actually looking at a bloke who has a floppy cock for his nose!…………….. Where’s the sack?!

2. Medium Levels

“The adventures they embark on are only limited by their imagination”

2.1 New worlds
Once people have resolved their negative issues they are free to focus on wish fulfilment. They will gain access to another level that is basically a place where you can fulfil all your dreams, aspirations and explore new cities/environments. Eventually people become aware of what they can do on this level and start exploring their own creativity. Jurgen explains these are real worlds and the atmosphere changes tremendously. Jurgen describes a scene in which two people are getting married whilst two opera singers are celebrating the occasion and others are throwing down huge amounts of confetti. Jurgen goes on to say it’s “on a scale you can’t even imagine”, and describes it as, “so over the top”.

So basically, if you’re going through a tough marital patch then just wait it out. Deal with the bullshit on the lower levels after you die, then smash it up here. Find a nice partner and get it on – wish fulfilment style…….!

There is an extremely huge amount of room on this level and people tend to spend a lot longer on this level than on earth, mainly as time doesn’t really exist here. People on this level find “the adventures they embark on are only limited by their imagination.” Juice!

3. Higher Level

“You can experience new emotions which we simply cannot have on this physical level”

3.1 Aspiration
The next levels are characterized by a totally new range of experiences. You can experience new emotions which we simply cannot have on this physical level. There are new colours, new sounds and new experiences that we cannot experience here on earth. Jurgen goes on to explain that the higher we rise through the layers of reality the more we have the feeling of homecoming. The atmosphere is much lighter and the nature of this level responds to our feelings. For example, when feeling joyful we hear music that represents this feeling. You begin to realise that we are not separate from the environment but we are part of it! New worlds start opening up for us with new possibilities and dreams become reality.

Jurgen goes on to talk about his strict meditation practice and how he creates sanctuaries when doing so. These sanctuaries actually materialise on this level and can be visited when on this level or in a deep meditative state from our physical world. Jurgen continues to say he is often astonished when the meditation practices ends and he goes from being in the sanctuary he created to being back in his chair at home………What a comedown!

“People who take drugs like DMT, Magic Mushrooms or LSD come to a point where they start to experience the ego melting away”

3.2 Super Dimensions!
The only way to enter these levels is by abandoning your ego. People who take drugs like DMT, Magic Mushrooms or LSD come to a point where they start to experience the ego melting away and this makes them terrified as the whole drug experience ends up as a horror trip. People’s entanglements with their personal identification is so powerful they feel they simply have to die. There’s no other way out of it and you get into a mode of panic. Jurgen recommends people shouldn’t use drugs to get to this experience but use meditation over long periods of time instead. It’s simply a matter of surrendering what’s left of you to have a chance to enter this higher state of consciousness. Sounds like way too much effort to me as Jurgen has been in a strict meditative program for over 40 years! Just neck the DMT mate!

There are some technical difficulties as Jurgen tries to play a short animated sequence representing this level. I simply sit there stewing over what Jurgen has been talking about for the last hour and thirty minutes. I’m on gas mark 8 and the potatoes are fully boiled!

Everything on this level is thought based and whatever you imagine will become a reality. There is no negative energy whatsoever. This level is truly unlimited to the extent that you are able to enter parallel universes by shifting your attention. Jurgen then displays an image showing the way all these parallel universes are linked and the hierarchy of the different levels that comes off of them until you reach the “pure reality”.

From this pure reality other universes spring forth and you can then basically go nuts and explore them. As anything can happen that can be imagined you can even visit a totally new species that function in a completely different way. There are unlimited possibilities to explore!!!! Jurgen describes these pure realities as an evolutionary cycle that continues all the time, creating new worlds affected by thoughts, sound and colour.

Jurgen displays some of his artwork showing the way a thought might be displayed/created on this level. The images were extremely abstract and completely out of this world! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!

 Check out Jurgen Ziewe’s website here -

Right so basically that sums up the chat! Jurgen has truly had some tremendously extraordinary experiences in the non physical world. Now I know a lot of people probably read half way and thought what a load of bullshit! Really a lot of what Jurgen describes of these realms and how to move on to higher levels can be applied to our waking lives. Becoming more aware of our experiences and using meditation is key in letting us have a true grip on reality if only for a brief moment. How can Jurgen have such a specific structured view of an abstract experience. Has Jurgen been having a series of OBE’s or lucid dreams? I’ll tell you this much, Jurgen came across as a really humble and truthful man. However he is also extremely artistic and creative. That in turn may cloud his interpretation of his experiences but who am I to define Jurgen’s experiences, they are true to him and that’s what matters. Know one can truly define these places and experiences as hard facts. We are just as clueless of the non physical world as we are with the waking world.

Stephen Hawking said that we might have a distorted view of outside our world and that we might also be in one giant goldfish bowl: “There is no unique picture of reality. The goldfish’s view is as valid as our own.” If that’s the case how in the chicken fillets are we gonna be able to truly understand these out of body experiences? Maybe this state is the true reality and someone’s taken us out of the goldfish bowl. Im so confused?!?

Just feed your fish!


Love Tom x

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