Can lucid dreaming co-exist with a busy lifestyle?

Having just hit my two year lucidity anniversary I have found myself stuck in a situation I never thought would be possible. I have fallen out of love with the dream world. I know this statement sounds a bit daunting, but the truth is I have run out of time to spend on the world of lucid dreaming. For me lucid dreaming feels like a long term relationship, at first you flirt with it, then you have your honeymoon period where all you think about is lucid dreaming. The problem with long relationships however, is that the flame eventually fizzles out and it becomes a comfortable enjoyment and a long wait for any action! I still love lucid dreaming, but I have reached that stage of comfortability where I am happy to be surprised with 1 lucid dream a month.

Any time that I lay my head down in my first lucid year was an opportunity for me to practice my new found experience. I tried to correlate why I found it so easy to progress and sustain my lucid dreaming and managed to heavily link it with my working situation at the time. When I was at my peak lucid capabilities I was working a strange job at a local supermarket, which had me up at ungodly hours in the morning to do a short shift of mindless work. In dreaming terms this was the ultimate wake back to bed (WBTB). I would eventually return home to lie down and find myself falling into yet another lucid dream. The job was only 4 hours a day and gave me more time than I had ever had in my entire life. Was this the real success to my lucid dream story?

Now that I have filled my life with multiple time consuming activities I have seen a huge decline in my lucid dreaming abilities. One might say I have become disinterested in the subject matter; however I still regularly engage people in the topic and read outrageous amounts of information. I feel my level of engagement is the same; I just do not have the time to fulfil all the reality checks, diary keeping and constant awareness. I know it is bad, and there must be a way to stay focused but when you have work deadlines, sports training, websites to update, instruments to practice and a copious amount of other activities to complete, you start to prioritise every moment of your time.

So I fall back to my original question: can a busy lifestyle really coexist with a fulfilled lucid dreaming experience? Honestly, I have a daunting feeling that I may not be able to juggle between everything I do in the waking state and allowing myself time to concentrate on the dream realm. I know it can be done, but for me right now my priorities are elsewhere. I hope one day something will bite me in the ass and reinvigorate that flame I once felt for the lucid dreaming world.

Joe Davine – Get Lucid!

2 thoughts on “Can lucid dreaming co-exist with a busy lifestyle?

  1. ImaGhosty

    Joe i would just like to say I had a similar problem a couple of years back.One of the best thing to fighting against that type of thinking is you get to the point where you automatically can relies dreams not based upon any Techniques but you become so familiar with them that you relies a dream like you would a dog or a cat.

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