London Roof Tops

Boom Lucid! no idea how but here we are!

I find myself walking around a quiet street of London but its ridiculously built up and I feel claustrophobic from the high rise buildings. I decided I wanted to explore a busier part of London where there would be lots of people, I climbed up to the top of a building to get a better vantage point. It was massively foggy and all I could see was a never ending row of roof tops. I started running along them to find an edge that I could peer down from and see if I could find a street with a bit of life! When I finally came to an edge I looked down and all I could see was thick fog all the way to the bottom. I carried on running along the rooftops, it then dawned on me that this was one of those never ending cycles that you get caught up in and never actually get anywhere. A.K.A Dream bullshit

So I decided to change tactics. As I stood on the rooftops thinking of  how to get to a busy street I contemplated the dream spinning technique that DJ La’B invented. However I don’t feel a great confidence in this technique as I usually have the tendency to either wake up or end up in a different scene which has robed me of my lucidity (Maybe I’m just spinning to vigorously!) So i went for the play dead technique, I laid down on the roof tops and closed my eyes imagining myself being on the streets of Soho. I waited until it was extremely clear and vivid inside my head (which was inside a dream which was inside my head on my pillow in my actual bed, WHAT?)

Anyway, I opened my eyes and there I was on a slight variation, but still it was Soho. Then I notice this tall figure next to me which I instantly recognized as a guide and a friend but I have no recollection of them. This is where it gets proper Fuzzed up. All I remember is briefly speaking with this guide saying how I felt such a strong friendship and safety being with them it was quite overwhelming and this may be how I lost my lucidity.  To be honest I’m writing this down almost a week after it happened I know some other stuff went down but its so fuzzy in my mind I probably wont get the facts right. Let that be a lesson kids get the major details down when you first wake up!

This has made me want to explore the possibilities of guides in dreams.  How much do they know? should you trust them completely? What mobile tariff are they on and dose it offer 4G?

Get Dreaming!


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