Get Lucid! – Episode 22

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Cheeky x

Joe – Get Lucid!

12 thoughts on “Get Lucid! – Episode 22

  1. sircl3

    Have been constantly checking back for this! Such a good podcast! ;D I’ve been playing it to people at work and we’re all getting JUCIED! Keep up the good work lads :)

  2. Gimriz

    Luckily checked podcast after some time, and It’s back!
    You have no idea how happy I am about it!
    Really great Podcast, one of the best I know, and Totally best one about Dreams!
    Thx Guys!
    P.S. You halped me with LD quite a lot!

  3. Jon Kristoffersson, Sweden

    Im so glad to see you are back on the air. Just found the last couple of episodes and got superjuiced! Please keep on delivering!!! Seems you always quit when I start listening…

  4. sircl3

    Best podcast ever! We want more! My lucidity has been slacking as of late, need another podcast to get juiced up again :) it’s been to long sort it out!! Lol

  5. Chappy

    Excellent job, really funny and relaxing, also you guys really deserve more viewers. Too bad the lucid dreaming community is small its self so its even harder for you guys to get viewers but please keep up the great pod casts for us dreamers :)

  6. Jen

    Just discovered the podcast last week and binge-listened to all the episodes-except this one–this one isn’t available anymore–noooooo!!! :-( ((( I am so sad that there are no more left. Please, please, please make more!! You guys are hilarious, informative and incredibly entertaining. Seriously, the best podcast EVER!!!

  7. Jen

    Omg!! So excited to be able to listen to episode! What a great surprise! It was like Christmas came early! Thanks for fixing it. I’ll be eagerly awaiting Ep 23 (hint, hint…get recording!!) Also looking forward to checking out Get-Lucid US.

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