Get Lucid! US – Episode 3

Get Lucid! US – Episode 3
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Hello Dreamers!

I apologize for the delay in getting the episode up. Keenan and I ran into some technical difficulties while recording and then we had some silly website problems. But Alas! All is well that ends well!

I’m very happy to give you Episode 3 of Get Lucid! US.  This month’s topic is Dream Sharing and Other Out of Body Experiences

Thanks for listening!

- Sean Oliver
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4 thoughts on “Get Lucid! US – Episode 3

  1. Xander Hugh

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for another awesome show, and for the plug! I’ve got about 3500 likes on my VFX facebook group so I’ll return the compliment, sure there will be many there interested in lucidity.
    No sooner had I listened to this episode it was 5am, the sun was starting to rise so there was a bit of light in my room, I was hyped to get lucid and I WILD’d into virtually the same situation that Keenan talked about in the show. I went straight into lucidity, and in the dream world was led in my bed, unsure if I was looking through my dream eyes or if my real eyes were open, and felt like I was switching and fading between the two. I was struggling to control my dream body and the world around me whilst also remaining lucid and trying not to wake up. In my dream hand I could feel what I thought was the buttons on my mobile phone I had been listening to the podcast on, yet looking at my dream hand there was no “physical” object there, yet I could feel it as if it were an invisible cloaked object, and I could feel the dryness of my eyes as I looked around the dream scene, and assumed that was the feeling from my waking eyes which perhaps my waking body wasn’t lubricating enough as they weren’t supposed to be open.
    The whole scene lasted only a few minutes, I felt like I my body was suddenly non-physical/non-solid and falling down through all the “matter” in the dream world, through my bed, through the floor, and then back through the ceiling of my room and down on to my bed again. I looked up at the wall in the darkness and could make out features that I had been looking at only 15 mins before when listening to the podcast.
    I then began to wake up, expecting to be led on my back, my eyes to be open and looking into the same place I was in the dream, but in fact I was curled up in bed facing the other wall. I also then immediately realised that the phone I thought I felt in my hand was a complete dream construct, as my phone doesn’t even have physical buttons, and it wasn’t beside me where it was in the dream world, but was on the shelf above me where I had left it after the podcast finished. This also ties in neatly to the topic of implanting ideas which play out in in the dream world. I think I experienced what I did as a direct result of what was said in the show. I didn’t get a chance to say my name though!

    I’m always fascinated by the dream world’s ability to invent situations, objects and people which seem to have a familiarity and their own little history of existence, such as the phone I imagined I was holding. I’ve not had a phone with physical buttons for years, yet in the dream that was MY phone. Even though I could only feel the buttons I knew what it looked like, the colour, the button layout, it all seemed perfectly normal and I just accepted it as such without question even thought I was lucid. Without that aspect of dreams, I would think that all dreams would be lucid as we would be surrounded with all these WTF situations, objects and people which would immediately alert us to the dream.

    After the above I tried to WILD again but kept fading in and out, and eventually must have fallen into normal sleep.

    Later that night I had another non-lucid dream but within the dream I was telling a dream character about how to lucid dream, how to WILD, and some of my own lucid experiences, yet failed to recognise that I was in fact dreaming. The character was an ex boyfriend I’ve not spoken to for about 5 years, and its been 10 years since we were a couple. In part of the dream we had some platonic kiss to see what emotions it would invoke, bring back nostalgic feelings, and as soon as our lips touched his felt really warm, and suddenly both me and the dream character stopped, looked at each other and laughed as we both said at the same time “warm lips! I remember that! Ha!”. In the dream It was something we had both forgotten about, that I often noted when we were in a relationship he had unusually warm lips.
    After I woke up and recalled the dream I couldn’t figure out if the warm lips thing was something I was actually remembering from 10 years back but had forgotten about, or if it was something completely made up in the dream world, drawing from something else, or someone else, like trying to remember where you first heard an old tune you’ve not listened to for a long time. So, I emailed him and asked if that was something that actually happened when we were together, and I had forgotten about. Sure enough it was! I have only vague recollection of it, it was ages ago, and now the dream experience of this is much more recent, so has kind of embedded itself as a false memory and confusing the issue of which is the genuine memory, and which has been overwritten with the dream nostalgic flashback created by my mind.
    Dreams seem to have a real powerful ability in accessing old memory engrams and neural pathways which the conscious mind doesn’t seem to go near anymore, even when trying to remember. I’ve experienced this before in dreams, waking up and being like “oh shit, I forgot all about that”.
    This is a massive tool in recall, think of people who need to remember things from past events, like being mugged and trying to get an image of the mugger available to describe to the cops or a licence plate or whatever. Or maybe, it could just be that little fragments of old unused memories are left scattered about the mind with no pathway to them anymore, rather than everything from past events being still there, and occasionally when the brain explores old memories in the dream world it has an ability to re-establish links to these fragments. I’ll add it to my list of “science” to do when lucid. I’ll try to go somewhere I’ve not been for a long time and see if the dream throws in some forgotten memories.
    So anyways, all that above, and it’s only been about 10 hours since I listened to your last show. I’ll put together some thoughts on nightmares over the coming weeks. Thanks for the plug to my VFX by the way, and a massive thank you for the show as a whole. It’s going to take some time to build up an audience, but it’s a massive area with a huge demographic so I’m sure that there will be exponential growth once word gets around, and as people get used to the interactivity of feedback and questions. Amazing work, please keep doing what you’re doing!


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