Get Lucid! US – Episode 4

Get Lucid! US – Episode 4
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Hello Dreamers!

I’m very excited to give you Episode 4 of Get Lucid! US. This month’s topic is Nightmares!!

Thanks for listening!

- Sean Oliver
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One thought on “Get Lucid! US – Episode 4

  1. Xander

    Another excellent show! always gets me hyped for lucidity!
    Had an awesome lucid session a few nights ago, and after leaving my radio on I’ve discovered that I can hear the outside world when I’m in lucidity, and my dreams had a sound track!
    Experimented with something mentioned in the show regarding the detail of the automation of the dream and immediately went from one scene into a restaurant. There were people eating meals and chatting, some flickering candles, cutlery, a waiter wondering around, buffet carts full of food (some of which must have been completely abstract as I’ve not seen those meals before), paintings on the wall (which I stared at for a while even noticing the artist’s signature!).
    I woke up a few times but was immediately able to go back into lucidity. Some of the dreams were dull in colour and/or dark/dimly lit, while others were vivid and colourful. About a week or so ago I had a similar lucid session, and I’ve noticed that on both occasions I had initially woken up to go to the bathroom, so I wonder if intentionally drinking lots of water and not going to the bathroom can be enough to raise conciousness to a level of lucidity. On the second session last week I had a false awakening of going to the bathroom, but the toilet was overflowing with water and flooding my apartment, then I woke up for real, went to the bathroom and was unable to get back into lucidity. Both of these sessions happened within an half an hour or so of me going to bed. I was also trying to move my waking body by opening and closing my mouth, but unsure if it was actually doing anything for obvious reasons.

    I seem to be getting better at attaining lucidity and remaining there, but when I am lucid I find it’s getting quite difficult to control the dream construct too much if I’ve only just gone to bed. If I try to force a scene or visual experience I often find not much actually happening, unlike lucidity when I’ve already been a sleep for a while and have much more vivid experience and easier to control. I wonder if there are still physical areas of the brain which either haven’t shut down yet, or don’t relinquish control of concious decisions I try to make when lucid in a deeper sleep cycle.

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