What is up dreamers!

As two Essex lads, we decided to take our unique view on lucid dreams and the subconscious and turn it into a podcast for all to experience. Now in its second season, the Get Lucid! podcast has turned into much more than we ever expected, allowing us to talk to people all over the world about our favorite subject. If you are just stumbling across our new site for the first time, then please take some time to listen to a few of our episodes to get a feel for what we are about. Containing some strong language and adult themes, we have attempted to create a more entertaining lucid dreaming format that appeals more to the fun loving community!

After the podcast reaching its second season, we decided to create a lucid dreaming portal for everyone to post all their juicy lucid content. Somewhere the community we have collected a long the way can go to swap stories, share media and just have a general laugh. This website is the culmination of two years of juice, all condensed into an outrageous attempt at bringing everyone in the lucid dreaming community closer!

We hope you enjoy the site, and its contents as much as we do!

Much love and Juice,

Joe and Smith!